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Emma Play Co., Ltd. located in the beautiful scenery of Jiaxing Wang Jing Industrial Zone, north to Shanghai, south to Hangzhou. The total area of our company is 46 acres, with more than 20,000m2 square standard plant with beautiful environment. Emma Play specializes in more than 10 series of products, such as outdoor playground equipment, outdoor fitness equipment, indoor naughty castle, children teaching toys, kids wooden furniture, safety rubber mat etc. Emma Play is an integrated industrial corporation of design, production, marketing, installment and after-sales service etc.

More than 80 million RMB has been invested since the launch of the corporation, also with the most advanced equipment, technology, raw materials and a complete production and management system, marketing network system and after-sales service system. Our products have been certificated by ISO9001: 2008 International Quality Certification System and ISO14001: 2004 International Environment System.;GB/T28001: 2001 International Health and Safety Management System, EU EN1176 safety standards, CE and other international relevant certifications. Emma Play possesses excellent material incoming system, quality control system, after sales system and so on. Besides, Emma Play insists to launch the markets both at home and abroad, and by its efforts, the corporation has been one of the Chinese amusement equipment leaders of the new generation.

Emma Play is a new word to many people. Some people may think it is a company of food or mahjong products. But in fact, there is an allusion about the origin, which is recorded in the Bible about a miracle that Jesus did when in the year of 30s. Jesus called on his disciples to supply food to the presented listeners, the number of which was more than 5000. Because of the large number, the disciples didn’t have enough money to buy the food for them. At that time among the listeners, there was a boy with five pieces of bread and two fishes, and he contributed all food to Jesus. Then Jesus Lord commanded his disciples to seat all the people down in order, picked up the bread and fish, looked up to the heaven and prayed, and then tore the food, handed it to his disciples, and then all had food. To all a surprise, all the people there had the food according to their needs, and when the disciples collected bits and pieces, there were twelve full baskets of food. Thus, this is the meaning of contribution in Emma Play.

General Manager Wu says, education is a great career, and its achievement is ever-lasting. She wants to build an enterprise which is ready to do contribution, to share with others, to help the common growth of children and parents.
She thinks the best gift to children is to try best to fulfill their needs of interest and safety. For their own products, General Wu is full of confidence, for her responsibility to children. She says, “we are going to produce the safest products in this field. As for design, Emma Play hires one of the animation director of Disney Land, worked with professional design team, they tries to fully present the meticulous and innovation of Emma Play from structure and image.
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