Four simple asks for play


 As the UK elections draw closer, the UK Children’s Play Policy Forum, which unites leading play agencies and government departments, is asking UK political parties to invest more in children play.

The ‘Four Asks for Play’ sets out some intriguing initiatives, explaining how the governments help can improve the quality of play for children. The campaign is set to result in improvement in children’s health, and wellbeing which are noticeable strains on the NHS.
The key initiatives set out by this campaign are:
1. Schools
Recognising the importance of playtime, and providing the support needed to ensure all children are able to get the playtime they really need! 
2. In the Streets
Developing the ‘Street Play’ initiative for every child to have the freedom to regularly play actively and independently in front of or near their own front door. The aim is to increase the initiative to every major city in the UK.
3. Public play space
Helping to provide support to increase the availability of open and public spaces for play, such as playgrounds and designated areas for play. This includes incorporating help from play providers such as HAGS SMP.
4. In staffed play services 
Supporting staffed play projects, through development of ‘Parents 4 Play’. So, disadvantaged areas with play projects, can run practical sessions encouraging social action and asset-based community development.
Robin Sutcliffe, Chair of the Children’s Play Policy Forum, has said “We know that playing provides immediate and long-term benefits to children, young people and the wider community. We all have a responsibility to ensure children have opportunities to play in their communities. We are calling on all political parties to provide for play initiatives across the UK – the level of investment needed would be relatively modest yet extremely cost-effective."
 Click here to read more about the Four Asks for Play initiative
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